What is an alkaline water pitcher? This is an appliance that filters your water and changes its PH at the same time. The contaminants removed by a pitcher depend on the specific features of a particular model. As such, the decision to buy a specific water pitcher should not be anchored on price alone but some technical features revealed in alkaline water pitcher reviews. Here are some features worth looking at when purchasing an alkaline water pitcher.

Size and style

The size and style of a water pitcher should be a major consideration. Ideally, the style influences the aesthetics of the appliance. If you often leave your water pitcher on the counter, you need to invest in a stylish model that looks impressive. The size affects the storage requirements of a water pitcher. Dimensions also determine the capacity of the water pitcher and not just how it fits into your refrigerator or shelf. If you have a big family, a pitcher that can provide you with 10-18 glasses of water can be ideal.

Filter replacement

The life span the filters in water pitcher should form a major consideration when buying a pitcher. A decent unit should also have a filter replacement indicator to let you know when the filter needs to be replaced. This indicator is quite significant considering that picking the right time for replacement is not very easy for most people. As a tip, also look at the replacement costs and ensure the filter used is also affordable.


Like any appliance, you would want a water pitcher that is easy to use. Many things determine the usability of a water pitcher. First, the pitcher you intend to buy should be easy to use. Besides general usage, it should be easy to clean and maintain. Ease of usage is of particular importance when it comes to cleaning and filter replacement, which are determine how effective the pitcher will be.


How easy is it to use the appliance? Look at things like the grip and lid when buying a pitcher. You should choose a pitcher with a lid that flips quickly and one that does not hurt when your hand when carrying it. A good grip also minimizes the risk of losing grip and damaging the appliance or spilling water on your carpet.

With the right water pitcher, you are assured of having tasty and safe drinking water. However, to get a decent pitcher and realize the benefits of alkali water, the features discussed above should form the basis of your decision when buying a water pitcher.