Benefits Of Explainer Video For Company Marketing

Marketing requires innovative and critical thinkers to ensure that your product moves. Do you know that Google uses a number of time people are glued to your website to rank you higher? Well, probably you didn’t know. Do also know that people are more visual than readers? In a nutshell, I am trying to introduce a concept of marketing called explainer video. It involves telling the world of potential customers, what your business does in a video. You can try the webmotion company explainer videos for your business today. This concept has numerous benefits the company will reap. Check the following:

Benefits of explainer video for company marketing

Clear and fun way to market the company

People love seeing and get attracted to visual graphics. People are more likely to watch a video on your business website than read through the write up you have made. Therefore, this is the greatest opportunity you have to tell the potential customers what you plan to give them. You need not make a documentary about the company, but a short all inclusive, and exciting explainer video will do the trick.fdgdgdgdfgdfg

Better way to express the products objective

Do you know that people have a different interpretation of what they read? People may get it wrong upon reading what is on the website. However, the video will clearly tell people what it is your company is offering, its benefits and how they can get it. Most people need to know the objective of a product before they buy. What is it that makes it better than the others

Better Google ranking

If you ask any SEO expert bout the explainer video benefits, they will tell you that it makes Google rank you higher. Well, not that Google likes videos more than texts. No. But, the video link has a higher probability of getting a click than a text link. People are curious to see. Therefore, Google considers the time people spend on your website and ranks you higher. So, make an interesting video during your web development to glue people to your website as an SEO strategy as well.


Easy to share

Videos are easily shared in the current technology and the probability of your products video reaching millions within a short time is very high. You may use many channels to share the video. Apart from having it on your website, youtube is a channel which can give you a million views within a couple of weeks. Videos on social media spread like a wild fire, especially if entertaining. Make one good video and let people do the distribution work for you.