Fundamentals of Contemporary Web Development

With the current digital world, it is relatively mandatory to have a business website. Establishing a website for a company is not enough, rather, it is all about developing an appropriate site. Years back, websites were designed without the consideration of the visitor/user. The webcreationuk reviews help customers make the best decision as far as web development is concerned. Nonetheless, with the increased demand for the Internet, business websites are specially designed with the visitor in mind.

That said, here are the top fundamentals of modern web development and design.



As the web developer thinks of how the website will look like, the first thing that should come to mind is how usable or appropriate the website will be to the visitor. Marketers are mostly concerned with more traffic towards their website, but what about when the visitor lands on the page? The site must satisfy the needs and expectations of the visitor. It is all about enhancing the user experience and making then want to come back again.


A condensed menu

This factor focuses on making it easy for the visitor to navigate through the sections of the website. If the navigation bar is filled with too many items, it will be less attractive to the user. Conversely, a straightforward and condensed navigation menu will allow the visitor to browse through the sections with ease. The website\’s layout should be simple and appealing to the visitor.


Most of the Internet users access it through mobile devices. For that, web developers are establishing mobile-friendly sites. With such websites, marketers can conveniently reach out to their target audience anytime and from wherever they are accessing the site. The layout and other codes of the sites are made less complicated so that the mobile device users can access the content with ease.

Emphasis on the visuals

The visual aspect of a website is one thing that will grab the attention of the visitor. On paper, more online users will visit a site that has more images and other visual aspects compared to one with textual content only. For that, web developers are integrating the websites with high-resolution images, along with appealing color blend to grab the attention of the visitor.

Social media integration

dhghgd764More than 65% of the Internet users are on the social media platforms. That is why social media integration is a top priority for the web developers. Rather than adding link buttons to the website, it is recommended to link and integrate the campaigns to the top social media platforms. Adding a Share button on the site helps to spread out the website reach on the social media. With these modern web development and design essentials, web owners will be confident of having more visitors to their sites and reaching out to more target audiences.