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Archived Tracker Updates and Information
A Log of past years' and out of date S2F, C-1A and WF-2 events, photos, and home page articles

June 2012 update: 
USA Tracker Page, 136427 Page and My Tracker Photos Page:  May 2012 photos of 136427 added.
My Trackers Photos Page:  May 2012 photos of CS2F-2 #1573 added.

April 2012 update: 
136663 was sold on Ebay for $6,800.  See more below.

February 2012 update: 
Argentina Tracker page:  153586 photo link added.  This is the only photo I know of of this Tracker.
France Tracker page:  136712 photo link added.
USA Tracker page:  136536 photo link added.
USA Tracker page:  133204 moved from Storage to Registered as it now carries N170VC and was ferried to its new home in Carson City, NV. 

January 2012 update:  The Canadian Tracker owned by the Canadian Warplane Heritage, RCN #1577, and located at the Hamilton, ONT will be put back into flying service after the organization found a sponsor to fund the restoration and operation.  Thank you to Andrew Semon for the update.

Trader 146045 added to data base with Photos 10-16-2011:  Dan Serrato has provided photos of 146045 located at MCAS Beaufort, SC where it is apparently being used in fire training.  See My Trader Photos page for Dan's photos.

New Tracker Photos  Added 7-7-2011:  RCN number 1577 located at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum has been added to My Tracker Photos page.

New Page Added 6-6-2011:  Brazil Traders - List of the Traders Brazil purchased in 2010 along with photos of several of them arriving in Mesa, AZ
New Trader Photos added 6-6-2011:
  136778 and 146064 have been added to the My Trader Photos page.New Page Added 1-18-2011:  Tracker Updates - Library of previous updates, photos and articles from this page.
New Page Added 1-14-2011:  The Chess Players
New Page Added 11-7-2010:   My United Aeronautical Corporation Photos - Individual photos of each of  the (80) S-2, (11) E-1B and (3) C-1A airframes taken from inside UAC facility.  This was a unique and one time photo opportunity that was provided to me.New Page Added 7-26-2010 - Guantanamo Bay Mystery Tracker - Looking for information on this!!  Can you help?
New Page Added 10-9-2009 - World Wide Master Surviving Tracker List
Argentina Tracker page updated with four new airframes 9-7-2009 - Argentine Tracker Page
New Page Added 6-23-2009 - Cal Fire Turbo Tracker Photo Page
New Page Added 6-12-2009 - Marsh Aviation Trackers Photo Page
New Page Added 6-12-2009 - Trader Photo Page
New Page Added 6-12-2009 - Tracer Photo Page
New Page Added 2-15-2009 - Cal Fire (CDF) S-2T listings
New Page Added 2-24-2009 - Uruguay Trackers

November 2011 update:  Tracer 148922 has been purchased by Juan Redick. 148922 is still located in the United Aeronautical Corp. yard in Tucson, AZ to the best of our knowledge.  It would appear that Mr. Redick has purchased the aircraft and is gathering parts to restore and make it airworthy.  Most of the parts needed would be located on the other 10 Tracers located at United Aeronautical as that is the world's largest supply and location of Grumman Tracers.  See my page of photos of Tracers taken at United Aeronautical in May of 2010.  Thanks to Dean for the information provided.  United Aeronautical Tracers Photo Page

Here is a link for 136536 as it is being being turned into a "work of art" and greenhouse in Philadelphia.  What a travesty!!  Also for some reason it is described as a Tracker II, which is incorrect.

October 2011 update:  More information from Camilo in Brazil on the Traders that the Brazilian Navy purchased from Davis-Monthan.  Here is his message:
"The Brazilian Navy and March Aviation Company signed yesterday, Oct 20 2011, the contract for  the modernization/remotorization/reconfiguration of four (out of eight bought) C-1A Traders to the Carrier-on-Board Delivery/Air-to-Air Refueling (COD/AAR) KC-2 Turbo Trader standard.
The contract has a four years duration and the first aircraft is scheduled to be delivered in April 2014 and the fourth and last in October 2015.
The Turbo Trader will be used on board Brazilian Navy Aircraft Carrier A-12 Sao Paulo (ex-French Navy Foch).
Click on the link bellow to see an artistic impression of the KC-2 in BN colors. I don't know if this is the official paint scheme. Probably just what it is, i.e., an enthusiast artistic impression based on BN paint scheme standards."

More on 146044 from owner Doug Goss:  "As you can see, the fuselage and right wing are repaired and the right wing is now back on the airplane.    The damaged left engine was run long enough to spread the wings after 8 long years.    Work continues with the removal of the right engine and replacement of the right windshield.    Our inventory of parts includes props, overhauled engines (these will need to be opened up and checked) and airframe pieces.    With luck we hope to be flying in 2012."  for photos of the progress see our Trader Photo Page.

August 2011 update:  Robert Rice has informed me that work is steadily progressing Trader 146044.  Repairs have been made to the fuselage and the wings are scheduled to go back on the weekend of August 6, 2011.  Plans are to have it back in the air in 2012. 

July 2011 update:  I was at the location of where the nine Trackers had been stored in St. Augustine, FL and can unfortunately confirm that they are no longer there and have been scrapped, confirming what Steven Johnson notified of us in April was in the process of happening.  The lot is for sale and the only thing left that would indicate the Trackers had been there are a few pieces of loose scrap that litters the ground.

May 2011 update:  Information provided by "Rootbeer" at Marsh Aviation in Mesa, AZ indicates the following Traders have been purchased by Brazil:  146024, 146025, 146026, 146027, 146028, 146031, 146057, 136763.  Four are locate at Marsh:  146026, 146027, 146031 and 146057.  These are under contract for conversion to Turbo Traders.

April 2011 update:  Trackers located at St. Augustine, FL are in the process of being scraped according to Steven Johnson. The nine airframes have been located in a small residential yard just north of the St. Augustine just west of US 1 since the early 1970s when they were moved there from the airport.  Since that time they have been somewhat of an aviation attraction while at the same time providing spare parts for flyable S2F's.  While the neighbors in the area are no doubt glad to see them leave it is always a sad day when any aircraft gets scrapped out.  For photos of the aircraft go to My Tracker Photo Page.

February 2011 update:  Tracker 152827 has been positively identified at Brazilian Air Force Military Museum at Sao Carlos - Francisco Pereira Lopes

January 2011 update:  Wayne Griffith of the Aviation Heritage Society in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada has informed us that Tracker RCN # 1531 is undergoing a repainting in the Air Force Heritage Park at this location and should be completed in summer of 2011.

2010 update:  William Puchades has provided information on a previously undetected Tracker in Venezuela.  149867 is located at the Aeronautical Museum at Maracay, Venezuela, which is one of the largest aviation museum in South America with  over 40 aircraft on display. 

Simon Codd provided information that 133275 is still located at Mather Field in Sacramento, CA and was previously CDF Tanker 86.

We have added a 8 new pages under at the United Aeronautical Corporation page on this site has individual photos of all the airframes stored at its 60 acre facility in Tucson, AZ.

October 2010 update: 
Duncan Smith informed us of Tracker 152369 at the Chavez International Airport, Lima Peru Naval Station.  This takes us up to 241 Grumman Tracker still known worldwide.

We have added CVS 47, the USS Philippine Sea to our CVS Aircraft Carrier page after being informed by Joe Dunegan that it served in the the anti-submarine role with Grumman Trackers.  Also added is a link to Joe's excellent VS-37 website.

September 2010 update:
We have received a further update from Camilo on the Brazilian Navy purchase.

Hello David,

Maybe you have already seen this. Yesterday Flight Global site published that none of the Trader cells bought by the Brazilian Navy will be converted to the AEW role. Six will be modernized with four to be used for COD duty and two to in-flight refueling.  For the AEW operations the Brazilian Navy expects to count on the four S-2G cells stored by the Uruguayan Navy. As I told you in my last message, a Brazilian Navy team is going to Uruguay to inspect these cells.  There is no information about the engines that will be used for the conversion into Turbo Traders. It is believed that the chosen one will be Honeywell's TPE331 (T76).  The C-1 cells will be inspected and placed into flight conditions in the USA and ferried to Brazil.  Regarding the AEW radar, the discussions are between the Eliradar HEW-784 and Thales Searchwater 2000AEW.

Best regards,


August 2010 update:
We have just received information from Camilo in Brazil that the Brazilian Navy has purchased the eight Traders from the US that are located in storage at Tucson, AZ.  Following is Camilo's email to me on the matter that goes into more detail about this and other plans the BN has for Trackers and Traders.

"Dear Sir,
On Aug/06/2010 the Brazilian Navy purchased 8 C-1A cells from de US government. These cells will be modernized and transformed into "Turbo-Traders". It is yet to be confirmed that 3 will be converted to the AEW role, 2 will keep the COD role, one will be fitted for in-flight refueling of the Brazilian Navy A-4s as well as COD, and two cells will be used as spare parts source. The aircrafts will operate with the carrier wing of Brazil's carrier Sao Paulo (former French Navy Foch) which is presently in sea trials after a 5 year modernization and maintenance period.
Previous news mentioned that the BN was negotiating with the Australian Navy to buy 5 of their retired S-2 Trackers. These would be converted into Turbo-Trackers with Honeywell TPE 331-14GR engines to be used for COD and AEW. But the news of the acquisition of the C-1 cells indicates that this deal may have been called off. The use of the C-1 cells seams more suitable for the conversion for AEW and COD due to the larger volume of the cabin which results in more space to fit equipments and carry more fuel.
Also the Brazilian Navy is sending a team to inspect the S-2 Trackers of the Uruguayan Navy. It is said that Uruguay has a good number of spare parts for their grounded S-2s. Brazil would trade the spare parts for recovering into flight condition a Helibras Esquilo helicopter of the Uruguayan Navy.
Camilo "

Also we have received more photos and a two diagrams on the mystery Tracker on the Bottom of Guantanamo Bay from Chris Hileman. See:  Guantanamo Bay Mystery Tracker  for photos and info.

Also there may be some interest in obtaining a couple of Trackers for fighting forest fires in Guatemala.  These are being sough by a non government entity. 

July 2010 update:
Trackers 136508, 133204, and 136536 and Trader 136766 have all been purchased by Specline Inc.dba The Cactus Air Force of Carson City, NV.  136508 is already in Carson City and will have the engines and props removed which will be used to fly Trader 136766 from Lakeport, CA to Carson City.  Tracker 136536 will be trucked from Alabama to Carson City where parts from it will be used to fly 133204 from McClellan Airport in Sacramento, CA to Carson City.  136536 will be as spare part aircraft and also an engine test stand.

June 2010 update:
136508 has moved from the storage to the registered designation as it is now N508JR and located in Carson City, NV.

February 2010 update:
With excellent information supplied by
Aad van der Voet I have been able to update information on the nine derelicts in St. Augustine, FL, 136546 in Weed, CA and the remaining Trackers in Uruguay.

On January 6, 2010 former Royal Canadian Navy CS2F Tracker Serial Number 1573 was moved 25 miles from Conair at the Abbotsford airport to the Chilliwack Military Education Centre in Chilliwack, BC.  The Tracker will be put on display starting in summer of 2010.  Websites of Jerry Proc -Tracker Move  This is good as five of twenty Trackers at Conair were scrapped in 2009 as they had been stripped of all parts.  We are attempting to determine the serial numbers of those scrapped. 
Conair Scrapping 

David D Jackson - February 8, 2010

January 2010 update:
Tracker 136536 airframe, minus engines, former CDF radial engine Tanker 100 and N436DF, went up for sale again on EBay on January 7th, this time for $5,000 in Joppa, AL.  In November-December of 2009 the asking price was $10,000.  This Tracker was last seen at CDF Mather Airport in Sacramento, CA in August of 2007 before going on sale in Alabama.  It must be quite a story on how it got there. The engines are not up for sale at this time.

David D Jackson - January 8, 2010

December 2009 update:
It was pointed out to me by Larry Gertner in October that Tracker 133264 that had been on display at the USS Intrepid was no longer  at that location.  After putting out some inquiries Bill Malone was able to locate it at the Empire State Aerosciences Museum in Glenville, NY in the Museum's Air Park where it went on display no later than May of 2009.  I appreciate everyone's help in finding the new location for this airframe.

Tracker 136536 airframe, minus engines, former CDF radial engine Tanker 100 and N436DF, went up for sale on Ebay in late November for $10,000 in Joppa, AL.  This Tracker was last seen at CDF Mather Airport in Sacramento, CA in August of 2007.  It must be quite a story on how it got to Alabama. The engines are being sold separately at $4,500 a piece.

David D Jackson - December 6, 2009

September 2009 update:
With the assistance of
Santiago L. Aversa for providing valuable information on all of the Trackers in Argentina and at the same time adding four new ones that I was unaware of.  He was able to provide US Navy Bureau Number and Grumman Serial numbers for all of the airframe in Argentina.  I really appreciate his assistance over the last few weeks on this matter.

We now stand at 235 total S2F Tracker airframes that we have been able to find evidence of still in existence around the globe.  When I first started this website in January of 2006 I was able to account for just over 100 airframes world wide.  Every time I assume there can be no more around information such as I just got about the ones in Argentina surface and we add another one or two which keeps ratcheting up the count.

David D Jackson - September 9, 2009

June 2009 update:
In May I took a two week trip from Indiana to California with the primary reason for the visit to attend the Chino Air Show.  In the process I was able to take photos of Trackers, Traders, and Tracers all the way out and back.  This includes all (14) Trackers at Marsh Aviation in Mesa, AZ, probably two thirds of the Cal Fire Fleet in California, and others on my route of travel located at museums and airports along the way.  Due to the surge in photos I have separated out into individual photo pages the Trackers, Traders and Tracers.  When complete I will also add unique photo pages for Cal Fire and Marsh Trackers.

David D Jackson - June 9, 2009

June 12 update:  I have now added a photo page for the (14) S2F Trackers in the storage yard at Marsh Aviation in Mesa, AZ.  During the photo editing I "discovered" one Tracker that I had not yet included in my data base.  This aircraft, 147531, is not registered with the FAA even though it has an N number on it and no one has ever to my knowledge published a photo of it on the web.  Also it appears I have the only web published current photo of 136729.  A complete photo essay of the Marsh Yard can be seen at:
My Marsh Photos

June 23 update:  I have now completed the Cal Fire Photo page.  Of the (23) Turbo Trackers that Cal Fire operates I was able to take photos of (19) of them.  Several are in the maintenance hangar as the aircraft were still getting the annuals completed.  In total during the trip I photographed the (19) Cal Fire Trackers, (14) Trackers at Marsh Aviation, ( 11) Trackers on display in (3) states, (4) Traders in (2) states, and one Tracer.  Fifty-three total in 16 days of travel.  See my Cal Fire Photo page at:  Cal Fire Turbo Tracker Photo Page

David D Jackson - June 23, 2009

136791:  Destroyed on October 16, 2012 near Skewentna, AK.  Here are the photos that I had in my Trader Photos page for her.
These 1971-73 vintage photos were provided by Don Smith. 
Photos are from the USS Enterprise and NAS Cubi Point, The Philippines.  Don is looking for other members of his crew.  Feel free to contact him about 136791:


136421 in the RV Parking lot at the Castle Air Museum in Atwater, CA on November 14, 2012 after arriving from Sequoia Airport in Visalia, where it had languished for several years. Photo Courtesy of  Vander Jagt.

Another photo of 136421 on the trailer after its trip to the Museum.  Note the dog checking out the action.  A true Tracker enthusiast!  Photo Courtesy of  Vander Jagt.

According to Vander the Tracker was lifted into a fenced area and the gear was extended so that restoration of the aircraft can begin.  The Castle Air Museum has an excellent collection of well restored aircraft on display and I expect 136421 to be restored to a more fitting condition than current for future display.  Photo Courtesy of  Vander Jagt.

See more 136421 photos from: The Castle Air Museum website.

February, 1973

Front Row Left to Right:  R. Hudson, Don Smith
Back Row Left to Right:  P.G. Johnson, Ray Clark, Tom Foust
1971 USS Enterprise CVAN-65


Photo of the United Aeronautical Corporation's yard at Tucson, AZ.  There are 80 Trackers,  11 Tracers and 3 Traders in this 60 acre storage area.  Because of United's effort the Grumman Tracker is still flying today.  The company has spent considerable investment in tooling to make new main landing gear strut barrels and is looking at the same situation for wheels, of which there is only 100 left.  CALFIRE is currently using them up at about 5 a month.  United Aeronautical Corporation Photo.

One of many photos from inside the United Aeronautical Yard in Tucson, AZ.

Joe Fagundes flying C-1A 136778 "Mudflap Girl" and leading a three ship "Missing Man" formation at the Indianapolis Air Show on May 14, 2011.  Mike Gillian is in the FM-2 and Dave Folk the F4U-5.  Only at the Indianapolis Air Show will one see such a unique formation.  See more photos at our Trader Photo Page.

Dan Serrato flying his Trader C-1A and doing one of many great fly-bys at Thunder over Michigan on Sunday, July 24, 2011.

Trader 136790 "Miss Belle" during the USS Independence 1980 Mediterranean Cruise:  Trader 136790 currently resides at the Grissom Aviation Museum in Peru, IN.  Due to the courtesy of Ken Tomovick who flew "Miss Belle", we have some photos of her in service with the US Navy.

Sitting on the cat ready to go!

Trader 146045 at NAS Norfolk in 1981:  146045 is now a fire training hulk at MCAS Beaufort, SC.  Photo Courtesy of Ken Tomovick.


Mystery Tracker at the bottom of Guantanamo Bay.  The Mystery has been solved.  This is 133337 that went down on April 18, 1959.  For complete details see my Gitmo Bay Tracker page.  Thank you to Capt John L. Tarn, VS-30 for the narrative he has provided.

Tracker Sunrise:  Photo of 136421 taken by Frederick Wester at Sequoia Airport at Visalia, CA

Does anyone know the fate of 147643?:

I have received an inquiry from the son of Mr. Van Eijck wanting to know what had happened to the Tracker, 147643, his father hijacked in 1964.  The Dutch did get it back from Libya as Mr. Van Eijck returned after one year in Libya after agreeing to come home and spend a year in prison.  147643 was then returned it to the US Navy in 1974.  The assumption is that it was scrapped as so far it has not turned up in my searches for those currently still in existence.

The Tracker coming home.  Mr. Van Eijck was in training to become a pilot when he was demoted to enlisted rank after making his not so kind feelings about the Dutch Navy known to the wrong person.  He asked to be let go but was not because of his enlistment contract.  In one of those moments were "it sounded like a good idea at the time", he hijacked the plane to show everyone he could fly it and also get away from the Dutch Navy.  After a year in Libya he wanted to return home and cut a deal to return the Tracker and also spend one year in prison. 

Can anyone identify this Tracker?:

This photo was taken at Troutdale, Oregon during July of 1964.  The N118Z does not match this aircraft and is reserved for the US Forrest Service.  One would think this would have been too early to have this been taken out of US Navy Service, unless it was destined for a foreign country or be used by a  military contractor for experimental work.  Original negative by H.C. Lineberger, 19JUL64.


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